Irregular galaxy NGC 6745the fireball to empty peace and silence.
Cloud, scream back through
Way gather into a great particle
and moon and sun, the Milky
grow healthy again, and strong, earth
men and women, their children
ships return to Africa, black
on a sunny beach slave
returning like pools drying
Belsen, Mathausen, their tears
march backward from Auschwitz,
everything pushing back Jews
spring, robins and snow drops,
walk and breathe again early
gopher holes and the dead
out from under earth, like giant
graves open, soft dirt pushing
of death wafts silently away
familiar smells the odor
race backward into the school's
alarm teachers and students
someone lifts up the lever on the fire
boy and his thirteen year old cousin;
into guns held by the eleven year old
on Arkansas grass, hurtle back
and wounded children bleeding
backward, bullets fly from dead
In the world where time moves

Copyright © 2005, Steve Klepetar

Steve Klepetar teaches literature and writing at Saint Cloud State University, where he spends as much time as possible talking with astronomers, who are even madder than poets.