Moon above a tree

Image Credit: Parole di Troppo,
some rights reserved

I liken you to a lovely shade of the heavens
Like the colors of a far off galaxy.
Like planets painted by the hand of God
And the flames of its sun.
I liken your smile to worlds on fire
In the distant skies of nebulous beauty.
Like stars racing and burning in the heavenlies.
Your gazes like the moon in full.
The looks in your eyes captivating like the moons of Jupiter.
Intensity, their gravity strongly pulls me in.
My thoughts gravitate to the look in your eyes.
They seem to draw me in those brief moments.
The softness of your voice brings me down to Earth
Under its dark branches and gentle rivers.

Copyright © 2005, Philip Reyth

Philip Reyth is from Tucson, Arizona. Loves the desert and mountains, but not the million people. He now resides in a small town with his beautiful wife and two boys in the High Sierras in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Oh, we can’t forget their cat Shalom, he would never forgive us. The slower pace of life enables him to concentrate on his sole passion of writing. Taking it beyond just a hobby. He has been published in: The Pedestal Magazine’s ‘Political Anthology,’ Simulacrum Magazine #7, Nth Degree Magazine, Gryphonwood Magazine, Twilight Times, Aoife's Kiss, Cabinet de Fees and Revolution SF. He has appeared with Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale and Paul DiFilippo. Forthcoming work in Dawn Sky, Writers Post Journal and Black Satellite. He is in the process of publishing his first novel entitled The Eldritch Circle through an e-publisher. His ultimate goal is to make a film adaptation of his novels and short stories. To write the screenplay, direct and act in it. Philip would make a great villain. Here is his home page address that links all of his publications: