She lists

by Luke Frangione

Right ascension 17h 45m 40s
Declination -29d 0' 22"

We skirted the singularity
  remaining even on our heel.

I smiled into the emptiness beneath her hull,

  and the silence that accompanied
                                                          what I would have said;
           looking on as everything accompanying us
                                                         became a dream,
                                                                      towards the same point;

hoping that considering the dimensions of her
                                             and I, a similarity in space and matter
  could be conceived.

If she lists and I cannot,
           how can we survive?

* *

In crossing the line
                             we twist yardarms, avoiding stays
with twenty-five thousand light years to wonder,
                                         can anything avoid Charybdis?

All matter draws to that dark well.

Unable to touch despite our tack,
                                          on a broad reach we dislocate.

If nothing escapes the event’s horizon
  and the tides carry us apart,

then what matters

Copyright © 2005, Luke Frangione

Luke Frangione resides in Southern Connecticut. Vaguely fascinated by patterns in life he splits his time between his writing, teaching High School Literature courses, and directing adaptations of Shakespeare’s works. His poetry has appeared previously in The Purple, Greenzine, and Ancient Heart Magazine, among others.