Slant eyes melded to black skin,
full lips to aquiline cartilage,
blonde flesh DNA-ed to dark gold.

After centuries of dissension,
make that millennia through
the journey of history and pre,

the human race mingles
in a worldwide convocation
overshadowing tech invention

in its transcendent consummation.
A congregation of individuals
welding reason and faith

from a fusion of cultures
and their historical antecedents:
a species diverse and singular

that can at last consider
leaving the earth behind
and wandering to the stars.

Copyright © 2005, Bruce Boston

Bruce Boston is the author of forty books and chapbooks, including the novel Stained Glass Rain and the best-of fiction collection, Masque of Dreams. His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Pedestal, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and the Nebula Awards Showcase. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and the Best of Soft SF Award. His poetry has won a record seven Rhysling Awards, a record five Asimov's Readers' Awards, and the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. He lives in Ocala, Florida, City of Trees, with his wife, writer-artist, Marge Simon. For further information, visit