by Marina Lee Sable

Flame mountains
in a sunset desert of clouds.
Beneath us
the slow rotation of the earth

Ribbon of light
lingering on the ephemeral horizon,
a shimmering city of diamonds.

A cirrus hook hauls us higher
above the silver ghosts
until we hang suspended in the wind.

Burner blasts into the mouth.
We overshoot.
Higher and higher
as if propelled by something else.

The sublunary sphere in moonlit rigor
diminishes behind us
like an old memory or an illusion.

Now the polestar
is our sole companion
through uncharted witch flights.
The eternal drifting
in the empty space of a dream.

Copyright © 2004, Marina Lee Sable
Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis
Copyright © 2003, Christopher J. Picking

Marina Lee Sable is a would-be bon vivant who tragically has to work a 9 to 5 in order to make a living. She is working on making her next reincarnation less in keeping with her humble beginnings. Her poetry has appeared or is upcoming in Dreams and Nightmares, Dreams of Decadence, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Weird Tales, and Whispers From The Shattered Forum.

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