Cometary Moss

by Adrian Sima


the lance of the evening
a shadow in the cup
of the exiled centaur

the birth is hard
killing furious
or leaving granite traces
and cometary moss
on temples

we are a flow of feelings
among the stars


sheets in space
this spiral carbon
over life's whine
breaking the silence
of secular orbits

and maybe the evening
in the heart of the star's child
is just a story
in the planetary sigh


"be born, child,
and wait for
wonderful worlds
touching the billows
of your heart"

face to face

over the energetic lawns
the pirouette of the blood

Copyright © 2004, Adrian Sima

Photograph of Comet Hyakutake, courtesy of Valentin Grigore

~ English translation from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe ~

Adrian Sima is a Romanian student in physics and popularizer of astronomy. He was named youth laureate for astropoetry at the Cosmopoetry Festival of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM, and laureate of an international poetry festival in the Moldavian Republic. More of this poet's work may be found in the SARM Golden Astropoetic Gallery.

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