by Don Narkevic

You pierce the star-crowned
flesh of night, the universe
lanced like the side of one
crucified, whose dying light
bleeds, coagulates, plummets
to Earth, a black fragment,
relic of the fall.

Alone, I walk above the timberline,
the burial ground revealing
a mosaic of spring-hued moss,
embryonic flowers, metamorphic
rock, and you, my love, my light
transformed to stone.

Copyright © 2004, Don Narkevic
Perseid Meteor

Perseid Meteor
Courtesy of John Walker

Don Narkevic's poetry and fiction has appeared in numerous print journals, including Birmingham Poetry Review, The Comstock Review, Jewish Currents, Evergreen Chronicles, and Seedhouse. He currently works in the laundry of a hospital in North-Central West Virginia and is a member of the Barbour County Writers Workshop. In 2002, he won an Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation Grant for his play, The Interview.

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