by Ben Passikoff

In the goo of beginning, the big
and little hands still had no face
and time was not. Then out
of goo came slime in less
than inchy increments of slither.
Bubbles broke and sighed
and noise began, and end began,
and itch-enhancing onsets. Amoebas
banged paramecian parabolas
and split was started. After many
icings and dilutions
history was here. Sodom came
later, and Gomorrah's twisty flutes,
distracting legs and dribbled goblets
purply drunk. Then serious God
and eating after funeral. Wars
were ending earlier but getting redder --
this was technology and was explained
along with God and hostile hospital bills,
and was accepted with belled hours
and cradling moms.
                            Along with other
conference of matter, the earth,
strict spinning in advanced geometry,
one ball among the many rolling,
purity of path and tempo
necessary (all that water),
lobbed by some unpaid juggler
with loud nails and nervous teeth,
who someday will miss his motion.

Copyright © 2004, Ben Passikoff
Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218

Galaxy Cluster, Abell 2218

Ben Passikoff is a retired engineer. His poems have appeared in The Quarterly Review of Literature, the Atlanta, Harvard, Sarah Lawrence and Texas Reviews, Literal Latte, Orbis, Pedestal Magazine and a truckload of other journals. His pursuits are poetry and survival.

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