Rocking Silence

by Peter Tharappel

Then they came brilliantly breaking the silence,
the pummeling pulsars and quasars,
parading down the pointless promenades of Time.
Aren't you the Alpha and the Omega?
Silence, begetting myriad bothersome births
and breathless unending deaths.
Silence, the fond sweet-dripping mammaries
of misty multitudes, cradling primordial cries.
Wrap me in the liquorice of love-spawned words
and you'll find me piercing the leviathan, streaking
past the netherworlds with a red-hot ponytail.
Yeah, Eden's turning on and off the genesis.
It's mirth in a whirligig, murderous Maya,
the collaged canvas that fades with the finch
into final oblivion. It's curtains drawn,
and a hollering retreat beaten, abide with me!
Teach me how to weep, how to laugh, to whimper.
With me abide, till the maggots bloom.
Rock me to silence and stillness ever more.

Copyright © 2004, Tharappel Devasia Peter
Dark Globule in IC 1396

Dark Globule in IC 1396

Born and brought up in the State of Kerala (India), better known as "God's own country", Peter Tharappel is an honors Graduate in English Literature. He holds a post-graduate degree in Ecology and Environment, and another in Computer Science. A member of the Indian Civil Services since 1985, he is presently serving with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (near Hyderabad, India) as Secretary, Environment, Health and Safety, and Chief Security Officer. He is a featured poet in the anthology, The Best Poems & Poets of 2002 (International Library of Poetry, ISBN 0-7951-5194-2). His poems have also appeared in other anthologies entitled A Grasp at Eternity and The Richness of Night.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech