Artist's rendition of BPM 37093Separated by fifty-odd light years
from the Star of Africa
lies a celestial jewel 2,500 miles across,
carats on the order of ten billion
followed by twenty-four more zeros.
A smoldering white dwarf
like our own pyrite-colored sun may be.
Proof that after a solar relationship
ends, like most relationships,
with a fiery, bloating rampage
followed by a crash-diet
down to blistered, white-hot corestuff,
the leftover carbon crystallizes
into a two-septillion-ton rock
set in an orbital band of dark ether.
Scientists learned this, they say,
because diamond-stars ring like gongs,
yielding signals that pulse
like the quintessential last word
of bodies long-since scalded to cinders.

Copyright © 2009, Michael Meyerhofer

Image Credit: Travis Metcalfe and Ruth Bazinet, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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