When Yellow Feathered Rooster came out of his pen, he waltzed on over to his favorite hen.  She clucked and she pranced, when he finally got near.

Now you can help me," she said with great cheer.

"Help you with what?" old Yellow feather asked, knowing it meant an assignment, a task.

 "I'm looking for spirals, from day into night.  They are all around, if you look for them right."

Yellow feather pointed at one spiral he spotted just now.  "The pedals of that flower, though I don't understand how."

"That's good," said the hen, "you've found your first one.  Now try it again, don't think you are done."

The second spiral proved harder to find.  'Where could it be?' dominated his mind. Yellow feathered rooster looked up and looked down.  Another spiral? Nowhere to be found.

The hen sat and clucked, that from him, no surprise.  She said, "To find spirals, you must open your eyes."

"Open my eyes?" asked old Yellow feather, "I'm not simply standing here watching the weather."

The hen stood up from her roosting place, and said, "You must look at what is in front of your face."

"Now I see something that I did overlook.  Something on the gate, across from the hook."  Yellow feather walked over to point out the thing.  He put a wing feather on top of a spring.

"Oh, very good." The hen jumped up and down, a comical look, almost like a clown.  "You did it, you did it," said the little ol' hen.  "I bet you can find them again and again."

Yellow feathered rooster decided enough is enough.  Finding more spirals could be very tough.  He walked up to hen and said with a smile, "I've had all the fun, you look for a while."

Hen had a secret she didn't let on.  She knew all the spirals.  She'd been counting since dawn.  "I know where they're hiding a tremendous amount.  More spirals than you could ever possibly count."

She could let him ponder the rest of the day, the answer she learned from the farmer last May.  Yellow feathered listened when she started to say, "It's inside your cells, it's your own DNA."

 Yellow Feathered rooster had nothing to say.  Find more spirals than hen? Could there be a way?  And then all the spirals became perfectly clear, he'd overlooked them before because they weren't very near. "The spirals I know are too many to count.  Of galaxies we have unlimited amount!"

"You've won the game," the hen said with a smile.  "Now that we're done, won't you please stay a while?"

Copyright © 2009, Rick Novy

Interacting spiral galaxies, Arp 87

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

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