Phases of the MoonHer face:
                        scattered moons
in different phases,
                        the half-circle of her chin,
the crescents of her brows.
The walls
are not sudden or sharp
                                                like craters.
Photos in frames
                        are familiar, regular.
The fan's hum
            is not a whir through the cosmos.
But the sun is a star
and it doesn't smile
            like in her daughter's drawings,
yellow and orange Crayola

            beating out rays
from the grinning disc.
Instead, the sun is
                        one stump on her husband's
stubble, a single grain
                                                among many.
The atmosphere wraps
                        thick around her
            like the layers of cloud
                                    that cover the world.

Copyright © 2010, Stephanie Suhr

Image Credit: SivamDesign, some rights reserved

Stephanie Suhr is a resident of Northern Kentucky. She holds a master's degree in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have appeared in Edison Literary Review and Licking River Review.