Aquila and Antinous

by Luminita Suse

To whom I owe this shy
upside down walk
hanging from the sky
with my temples
— numb with shock —
dripping fields of
crimson poppies? ...

To whom I am in debt
for this leap in the dark
my wings dare? ...

in regret
and fervent
to the last spark,
I fly against sun's flare.

Like an eagle,
so highly blessed
and yet so far away
from the blue sky's nest,
on your name I humbly prey

and cannot but bear
ice and heat
on my earthly cheeks
falling underneath
the mountain peaks.

Copyright © 2004, Luminita Suse
Aquila and Antinous

Aquila and Antinous
by Johann Bayer

Luminita Suse graduated with a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics, Romania. She has lived in Canada with her son and husband since 1995. Presently, she works as a software developer for one of the most important IT companies in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. A member of the Romanian Writers Society, she has published three volumes of poetry in Romania and has been included in Devotions of the Mind anthology with a poem in English. Astronomy has always been a great and a rewarding hobby for her.

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