Some Rock, Someday

by Ann K. Schwader

like a roll call:
yours, mine, & everyone's
calculated gamble for the

Not yet?
Nyet! Every spin of Earth's roulette
revolver orbit brings
a fresh chance it's
our turn.

Copyright © 2004, Ann K. Schwader
The asteroid 433 Eros

Montage of asteroid Eros images
acquired on approach by the NEAR spacecraft

Ann K. Schwader's first collection of dark fiction, Strange Stars & Alien Shadows, was recently published by Lindisfarne Press. Her poetry has appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated, Mythic Delirium, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Strange Horizons, Modern Haiku, The Formalist, and elsewhere. She lives and writes in Westminster, CO.

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Image courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory