Trip 2

by Tim Bouchard

With guitar in hand
I strummed over the land
The moon stopped dead in his tracks
And I never looked back
The king sitting high in his seat
Cast a spell over the sea
The coyotes came and howled at me
Seven stars flashed and danced
And then shot out across the sky
I picked up a piece of life
And tripped in to the light
I searched the ground for my soul
And she came to my side
The moon boomed a smile
And my life flashed back to me
Salt water filled my eyes
And the knife fell out of my back
A bird sang to the sky
As the sun peeked out
From the beneath the sound
And the moon fell beneath the ground
Our lives burn like stars in the night
Our minds connected above the sky
Tonight today everything is all right
Everything is all right.

Copyright © 2004, Tim Bouchard
Moonrise on Hobart Bay

Moonrise on Hobart Bay

Tim Bouchard was born in 1976 in Montreal Canada, although he spent most of his life in Atlantic Canada. He has been committed to writing poetry for six years. Many of his poems are inspired by the landscapes that surround him — particularly the tides of the Bay of Fundy. "Trip 2" is the result of a night on a beach with a few close friends sitting around a fire. Tim writes, "It is how I walked away from the fire and found something. I tried to bring it back to the fire to share with my friends, but lost it along the way."

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Image courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce/John Bortniak