When I Heard the Learn’d Astrologer

by Greg Beatty

A Journey into Tomorrow, painting by David A. Hardy

When I heard the learn’d astrologer,
When he proved the planets’ influence upon man’s mind,
When I was shown my charts and ephemeris, to better track my sign,
When I heard the astrologer praised and ‘plauded for his spiritual bent,
How soon understandable I became sick and tired,
Till rising, off by myself I went
In the mystical moist night-air, and found myself inspired,
To look in perfect silence at the stars,
And plan manned missions to planet Mars.

First published in Star*line,
Copyright © 2004, Greg Beatty

Greg Beatty has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa, where he wrote a dissertation on serial killer novels. He attended Clarion West 2000, and any rumors you've heard about his time there are, unfortunately, probably true. Greg writes everything from science fiction poetry (winning a Rhysling this year) to reviews of books that don't exist. When he's not writing, Greg teaches for the University of Phoenix Online. Greg recently got married.

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"A Journey into Tomorrow" painting by David A. Hardy, courtesy of NASA