Looking to the Heart

by Greg Beatty

Spiral GalaxyThe galactic heart
is the brightest of the bright.
Everything in these dim
and rural arms
where we live
revolves around that bright.
It birthed us, and hurled
us from the heartnest. But
we like to stay in touch.
So we peer homeward,
home to the heart,
looking with longing,
looking for wisdom,
looking to learn our selves.
But there’s a problem.
There’s too much stuff
in the way. Dust. Pain.
Detritus. Memory. Crap.
The galaxy hasn’t been cleaned
in quite some time.
Light cannot pass;
eyes cannot see the heart.
Know what? That’s okay.
We’ll look with other eyes
than those that see daily light.
That’s how we’ve always seen
into hearts anyway.

Copyright © 2005, Greg Beatty

Greg Beatty has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa, where he wrote a dissertation on serial killer novels. He attended Clarion West 2000, and any rumors you've heard about his time there are, unfortunately, probably true. Greg writes everything from science fiction poetry (winning a Rhysling this year) to reviews of books that don't exist. When he's not writing, Greg teaches for the University of Phoenix Online. Greg recently got married.

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Image courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)