MIRROR – mirror

Who says the stars can't move?

by Richard Walker

MIRROR – mirror in the ‘scope
how many comets have you seen elope?
How many nights have you watched the sky
in hopes of answering that mysterious ‘why’
calling to you from the next galaxy
on telelight lines extending endlessly.

MIRROR – mirror give us some hope
that this Universe isn’t just a big joke.
Show us the light-beamed reason
for all this star-studded teason’.
And if you can find creation’s beginning,
then how about sneaking us a peak of the ending?

MIRROR – mirror don’t be shy.
There’s always one more star to spy.
Another light-year to journey- across.
Another photon of acrylic-high-gloss.
Another wise guy with a poem up his sleeve
(who doesn’t know when to put on the lens cap and leave!)

But if only one other planet in our galaxy gave birth
besides the Earth,
then this whole frictionless game of seek and hide
would be worth every WAGGLE – waggle of the ride.

MIRROR – mirror please don’t be shy.
There’s always one more star to spy.
Always one more romantic why.
Always one more.

And if that isn’t the ultimate MIRROR – mirror ending
Then my name isn’t ‘C. Quantum Leaping’.

Copyright © 2005, Richard Walker

Richard Walker is the married father of five boys. He makes wood columns for a living in Somerset, PA. He is an avid fan of Ogden Nash and has just finished a book of poems dedicated to him that he hopes to get published someday. If you would like to read more of his poems, please e-mail him at jrwalk@shol.com.

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Image slice of Veil Nebula courtesy of N.A.Sharp, REU program/NOAO/AURA/NSF