Morning prayer

by Craig Kirchner

A mother-like gravity has awakened me
as if its laser has matched my force,
watching earth move through space
as a speck of dust through a lapse,
only to be consumed
by a sperm-like amoebae.

Meditating treelike,
lying in the grass beneath a poplar,
hoping to catch the stars disappear,
sensing the worms below
move in the soil,
releasing flesh to its desire
to be a mineral part of their realm –

a force strikes out at the dawning sun
in search of the great laser.

Copyright © 2005, Craig Kirchner

Zodiacal Light, by Dominic Cantin

Zodiacal Light © Dominic Cantin

Craig’s recent works have appeared in journals on and offline including Subterranean Quarterly, Erosha, Divine Animal, The Blotter, Thunder Sandwich, Ink Magazine, Lily, Megaera, Adagio and Wicked Alice. His poetry was recently nominated for a Puschcart Prize. He lives and works as a consultant on the east coast but considers himself a hobo of the universe. He writes about what he knows best and yet least — himself — in an effort to remove those labels.

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