by William Alan Rieser

Very Large Array radio telescopesThey soared
indiscriminately, omnidirectionally
non-phobially, non-sensory, unthoughtful.

They sped
digitally, precisely
non-molecularly, insubstantially, gossamer.

They permeated
gas curtains, spinning nebulae
webbed clusters, ebbed musters, burst congruities.

They encountered
mystified non-sentience, mystical intellectualism
most uncaring, some concerned, several curious.

They continued
void crossed, star tossed
orb washed, sphere slashed, unmatched macrocosm.

They abandoned
waxed technological, massive fantastic
unsatiated minds, inquisitive hearts, emboldened seekers.

They ignored
spiral luminous takeoffs, incendiary tumescent ignitions
source trackers, genesis discoverers, determined atom hunters.

Copyright © 2005, William Alan Rieser

William Alan Rieser is the published author of 12 books and his poetry can be found in numerous anthologies and periodicals. Born in NYC, he received his B.A. and M.A. in New Jersey, but mysteriously migrated to the South, where he shares his literary life with a wife and 2 cats.

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Image of New Mexico's Very Large Array courtesy of Hajor under a Creative Commons license