Into the Universe

by Rosemarie Crisafi

They said
gods tossed their bodies
into heaven.
Constellations grow above earth.
Everywhere stars reign
strong arms draw tight
the string of an arched bow.
Great Bear froze with Little Bear and Plow.
Beyond the biosphere,
they stand.
Ursa Major’s iced caps
glow next to the empty chair.
In a meteor rain, Andromeda
swallows earthlight
absorbing you into the film of the galaxy.
The marksman’s gem crusted arrows
within my brain.

Copyright © 2005, Rosemarie Crisafi

Meteor shower, by Lorenzo Comolli

Copyright © 1999, Lorenzo Comolli

Rosemarie Crisafi lives in Fishkill, New York. She works in for a non-for-profit agency that serves individuals with disabilities. Her poetry has most recently been published in JMWW, BlazeVox, Tattoo Highway, Lily, Wicked Alice Poetry Journal, elimae, Avatar Review, The SurfaceOnline, Poems Niederngasse, Red River Review, Triplopia, Dirt, Perigee, and Canopic Jar. Other poems have been accepted for future publication in Snow Monkey, Whistling Shade, and ken*again.

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