by Steven Utley

Galaxy field in FornaxSo: the galaxies
have scattered every which way,
and the stars have all
burned themselves out and
given up the last of their
heat, and anywhere
you look it’s dark,
and everywhere you go it’s cold,
and the universe
is in a state of
maximum entropy, and
time is at an end.

What now?

Copyright © 2005, Steven Utley

Steven Utley is the author of two volumes of verse published by Anamnesis Press, This Impatient Ape (1998) and Career Moves of the Gods (2000), and the story collections Ghost Seas (1997), The Beasts of Love (available from Wheatland Press), Where or When (available later this year from the UK-based PS Publishing), and the perennially soon-to-be-finished Silurian Tales.

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Image courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)