Star TrailsEating cake beneath July stars,
Sarah watches some fall,
Celestial fireworks
Bursting above summer wheat,
Trailing diamond sparks behind
To write their deaths across
An indifferent sky,
While others shine as
They have always done.

Sarah watches them fall,
Seeds of distant death raining
Down disguised as beauty,
The ache inside
An unfamiliar companion
For a child who has
Never contemplated mortality,
And wonders what callous hand
Chooses the lights to pluck
From heaven's dome,
While letting others be.

Copyright © 2007, Jaime Lee Moyer

Image Credit: Eric Gorski, some rights reserved

Jaime lives next to a river in the wilds of Ohio. She writes books and stories as well as poetry, assisted by two warrior kittens who help her chase the Muse. In her spare time she is the Poetry Editor for Ideomancer Speculative Fiction. On most days, she can honestly say life is good.

Her poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Mythic Delirium, The Fifth Di, Illumen, Star*Line, Raven Electrick, The Sword Review, Dreams and Nightmares, Lone Star Stories, Flashquake, Beyond Centauri and the special edition chapbook, On Our Way to Battle: Poetry From the Trenches. Her first poetry chapbook, Blood and Brine, came out in March of 2007, and her poetry has been nominated for both the 2006 and 2007 Rhysling Award.