Galaxy stringour universe,
failed universe,
a cast off,
tossed aside:

crumpled, crushed,
with 7 of 11
dimensions tightly

physicists say,
not realizing
all is not right:

too much dark
energy, driving
everything apart, 'til
matter loses touch:

slow senescence,
our great All grows
& spins apart,
dark & cold & dead:

deformed, degenerate;
no heaven here, no
eternity, not like
a proper universe.

Copyright © 2007, Peter Roberts

Image Credit: NASA

Peter Roberts was born and educated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After stints in Wisconsin and Maryland, he currently resides in Mansfield, Ohio. For more than 30 years he has contributed poems and short fiction to a variety of publications, both in print and online. For additional information, please visit his website at: