X-ray  image of lenticular galaxy NGC 1553Certain old light pierces
the eye out of the darkest patch
of night, invisible distant

starlight journey’s end—so dim
it doesn’t register but haunts
its way in to find, say,

a little warmth, as unnoticed
as a mote—the dust of actual stars—
that comes to rest in the garbage

basket, settles on onion peel
or soggy celery—no dusting required.
Immeasurable loss.

Copyright © 2007, Peggy Miller

Image Credit: NASA/CXC/UVa/E.Blanton et al.

Peggy Miller leads poetry workshops and is an associate editor for The Comstock Review. She has an MFA from American University. Her collection What the Blood Knows is forthcoming from Custom Words. She is author of the chapbook, Martha Contemplates the Universe, Frith Press 1999, and a Greatest Hits chapbook from Pudding House, 2003. Her poems have appeared in Connecticut River Review, Karamu, Lip Service, The Listening Eye, Lucid Stone and many more. She lives in The Villages, Florida with her husband Phil Wolfson.