Moon Over MagicOutside,
winter casts her hoary shadow:
an early frost swathes
the ill-prepared earth,
and the dogwood berries are all too plentiful
on the slopes this year

The Oak Moon shivers,
her frozen tears
form icicles on balsam boughs
bowing beneath the howling gales,
already she has grown weary,
and the nights keep getting longer

Copyright © 2007, Lee Clark Zumpe

Image Credit: BlueBerry Pick'n, some rights reserved

Employed by Tampa Bay Newspapers, publisher of several weeklies, Lee Clark Zumpe spends his days proofreading and assisting the editorial and production departments. He also contributes movie, book and theater reviews. His fiction and poetry has been published in Weird Tales, Book of Dark Wisdom and Paradox, among others. His work can also be found in the recent anthologies Horrors Beyond, Corpse Blossoms and Chaosium’s Arkham Tales.