Five Haiku

by Geoffrey A. Landis

Interstellar planet
ice glistens in star-lit dark:
Does it dream of spring?

         Hydrogen ions
         chirp and twitter microwaves
         making nests: the stars

                   Swelling blue-white star
                   outshines the bright galaxy
                   spraying iron, salt: us

                             Hoard scant hydrogen
                             Against the final darkness:
                             Stars, like leaves, turn red

Iron cinders of stars
cool in expanding darkness:
too late for regrets

Copyright © 1993, Geoffrey A. Landis
NGC 604

NGC 604
Star-birth Region in Spiral Galaxy M33

By day Geoffrey A. Landis is a mild-mannered inventor and rocket scientist. In his spare time, he's a science fiction writer, the author of some seventy short stories and two books, Mars Crossing and Impact Parameter. He was a member of the Mars Pathfinder science team, and is now on the science team for the Mars Exploration Rover missions Spirit and Opportunity. More information can be found on his web site.

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Image courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)