Amateur Astronomers

by William C. Burns, Jr.

There is ice on the sundial
There is snow across the rose garden
We mount our telescope at sunset
To praise Orion Rising

Copyright © 2005, William C. Burns, Jr.

Sunset on Telescopes, image by Lorenzo Comolli

Copyright © 2000, Lorenzo Comolli

William C. Burns, Jr. was born circa the early fifties and raised in and around the rolling hills and glens of the eastern part of the planet and seems to think he functions equally well in both right and left hemispheric modes, creating across a wide spectrum of media -- graphic art, poetry, auto body repair, music, theater, sculpture, raising children, microprocessor interface design, computer code, etc.

Bill holds lots of degrees (mostly Celsius, some Fahrenheit some Kelvin) in areas such as electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and education. He keeps the hounds of starvation at bay by teaching electrical engineering and electrical technology courses for various colleges. He has written thirteen plays that have made the stage and been published in over 100 hardcopy magazines, as well as a metric bunch of web page zines. Bill lives with his bride of twenty-seven years and their three children.

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