Curved Linearity

by Richard Fein

The cosmos abhors sharp angles and straight lines.Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300
Galaxies are species of swirls,
and coalescing planets form densities of spheres.
The cosmic mega bends everything straight into curves.

And the nano universe abhors fixed points.
Clouds of uncertain electrons veil atomic nuclei.
Certainty of place is reduced to a statistical mean.

We inhabit the rungs in between,
and our absolute values become myths
below and above this middle.
We navigate through a world of polygons,
straight lines, and every degree of angle,
while praying to, while seeking out, the infinite.

But the most daunting infinite is linear.
Time reduces our existence to one dimension,
and extends outward like a rope in an ocean
to which nervous bathers cling while moving forward
all the way to where their feet dangle in the abyss,
while deathly afraid to let go.

We long for an eternity of time and place,
but we're small pond denizens.
Our toes must touch sand.
Our eyes must navigate by straight lines fixed on familiar landmarks.
And the shore behind us must remain in reach.

Copyright © 2005, Richard Fein

Richard Fein has been published in many web and print journals. He has two personal web sites on which he has posted his poetry and photography.

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Image of NGC1300 courtesy of NASA and and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)