Dakota Blue

by A.H. Knight

Ultraviolet view of neighboring galaxy M32I see them everywhere: paintings, other faces—
Blue eyes cut through the smoke-filled room.
How they follow! staring at me like the past.

Blue stars that winked at Dante and Brahe,
silly boys. How you guided those New World sails
with your fixed pole, your North Star heart.

You, black hole you, matter-heavy you.
Central fire, not black but bright blue.
My eyes, puny moons, don't have a clue.

I stared at the sun for an hour or two
to see who'd blink first. Defeated, eyes closed,
the sun mocks me, shining that hue that is—

You. You. Of the garden, of the tree.
I bite, I taste, I run. Guilty Adam, I.
And the Fall— dear god, the Fall— tumbling,

tumbling into blue.

Copyright © 2005, A.H. Knight

A.H. Knight's poems have been published in The Evansville Review and on the website Poetz.com. His play The Martyr as Ointment Jar was produced at Williamstown Theatre Festival as part of their Museum Pieces series. He lives in New York City.

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Image of M32 courtesy of NASA and Thomas M. Brown, Charles W. Bowers, Randy A. Kimble, Allen V. Sweigart, and Henry C. Ferguson