Desert Trek

by Craig Kirchner

Transcending trainees
venerate our trio
awed by its regal mystery,

repressing new passions
in arid nausea,
hiking duality trails with camels
and bearded earthly kings —

conversing Bedouin, ethics,
monogamy, time journeys
by association.

We sip kava, quietly laugh,
at this our evening entourage
and their youthful dialect ...

then a pause, gasps,
as the trail brightens
silver with the Star.

The Magus points west.
Myrrh is in the air.

Copyright © 2005, Craig Kirchner

Strar trails over three stargazers

Copyright © 1999, Lorenzo Comolli

Craig’s recent works have appeared in journals on and offline including Subterranean Quarterly, Erosha, Divine Animal, The Blotter, Thunder Sandwich, Ink Magazine, Lily, Megaera, Adagio and Wicked Alice. His poetry was recently nominated for a Puschcart Prize. He lives and works as a consultant on the east coast but considers himself a hobo of the universe. He writes about what he knows best and yet least — himself — in an effort to remove those labels.

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