by Andrew Grossman

The crows go off,
taking the sun
from the cornstalks.
The neighbor carries
tomato plants
in from tonight’s frost.
Cars stop at the light.
I can name the drivers,
the passengers,
make a guess
of where they’ll go.

Three-quarters moon
by the Episcopal tower ...
slowly discover
the Big Dipper,
name Orion,
pass through words,
count until the chest
opens at launch;
heart, stomach, hands
among the stars,
joyous fool without walls

Copyright © 2005, Andrew Grossman

Telescope framing conjunction of the moon, Jupiter, and Venus: photograph by Lorenzo Comolli

Copyright © 2002, Lorenzo Comolli

Andrew Grossman began the poetry database at to realize his goal of using poetry to communicate understanding, peace and caring among people of different religious, cultural and lifestyle beliefs. The unity between humanity and nature is for him the template for creating unity among all humanity. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with his wife, Nancy Terrell.

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