Photograph by Ken ShultzA dainty slip in awe, our Audrey Rose,
her telescope aimed starward to disclose
a virgin comet's aspect in full flight,
unbraided both her pigtails there that night.
Rapunzel of astronomy, she waited
for Joe—a boy she'd liked but never dated—
when suddenly, each lens simpatico,
she spied the comet, snatched a glimpse of Joe...

With one eye trained a thousand miles away, and clearly,
the other lost in foreign inches blurred, and nearly,
our Audrey trembled as the boy encroached,
her heart now spilling as his Lynx approached;
while, shed upon the planet's stratosphere,
the flaming debris started to appear
as meteors igniting all she'd primed,
magnifi-scent as aftershave sublimed.

A lonely body gravitating to her,
engaged and showering streaks of passion through her,
was fleeting as each nectar hearth attracts
in gardens where the force of orbit acts.
A club for young astronomers to bloom,
to search and find, each voyage to assume.
This comet's first encounter with the earth
our Audrey's roaring passion given birth.

Copyright © 2008, Robert Appleton

Image Credit: Ken Schultz, some rights reserved

Robert Appleton is a twenty-seven year old public service administrator in NW England. In his spare time, he likes to read the works of Victorian adventure novelists, the poetry of Rudyard Kipling, and Herodotus. As well as being a film enthusiast, and a keen kayaker, he one day hopes to publish a novel of unparalleled high adventure. Carl Sagan is his current inspiration, whose Cosmos series prompted the poem "Audrey's Shower."