VenusBecause I am left-handed,
right-brained, near-sighted,
I read "O" magazine back to front,
stir my sauces widdershins,
can't parralel park.

Venus is my planet,
Earth's counterintuitive sister.
Now morning star, now evening,
then vanishing from view.
Her vast volcanic plains,
ultraviolet gases,
vagrant sun moving west to east
are my natural home.

I yearn for her diurnal turnings,
days longer than a year,
her peculiar orbit,
vining through space,
tracing a perfect pentagram.

Because I am left-handed,
high-minded, fuzzy-headed,
I hold visions of worlds without wars,
arrange my daisies in T'ang dynasty vases,
pen postcards from Venus.

Copyright © 2008, Patricia A. Boutilier

Image Credit: NASA

Patricia A. Boutilier is a nurse research coordinator with interests in alternative healing. She is a massage therapist and Reiki Master. She writes to express the sacred in the ordinary and for the pleasure of the word. Previous publications include Goblinfruit, Waterways--Poetry in the Mainstream, and BackStreet Quarterly. Please visit her website at: