by W. M. Kulendra Janaka

Once among the valleys of death
Golden streaks flashed across the fields
Drawn by the stallions of the king
A valiant king riding on wheels
Sound of the clashing swords and shields
Sound of the moan of the fallen and weak
Crimson skies as the sun goes down
Crimson sand as the war horns blow
King of the Greeks returned undead
On his chariot newly built
Time has passed long since then
Wind and rain have shaped the hills
Bones of the stallions turned to dust
Wheels of chariots won by rust
But still in the darkness of the skies
Among the stars twinkling bright
Golden chariot makes its moves
Carved forever by the hand of gods

Copyright © 2003, W. M. Kulendra Janaka


by Johannes Hevelius

W. M. Kulendra Janaka saw the light of this world on December 3, 1982. He attended St. Joseph's College, Colombo, a prestigious school reputed for its discipline for over a century. His wrote his first poems in his native tongue, Sinhalese, but soon switched to English. Today he is studying as an electronics and telecommunication engineer at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

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