Sothis Rising

by Ann K. Schwader

Not dog, but goddess-star, she calls the flood
Down through the old year's drained & dying lands,
Spilling inundation from her hands
Until our fields lie deep in Kemet's blood.

Bright & brightest mother of the dawn,
Fairest of all the thirty-six who claim
A sacred segment of the night sky's fame,
She rises fertile as her image drawn

Between these lesser lights: celestial cow
Whose milk divides the black land from the red
Accursed desert. Make the days ahead
Boisterous with celebration! We know how

Rome dreads the Great Dog's scorching -- let us show
Their dog star loved us first & best, & still
Sustains us by the bounty of her will
Made manifest in our life-river's flow.

Copyright © 2003, Ann K. Schwader
Sirius, in Canis Major

Sirius, in Canis Major
© 2003 Christopher J. Picking

Ann K. Schwader's chapbook of horror and dark SF verse, Architectures of Night, appeared this spring from Dark Regions Press. She was a finalist for the 2002 Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award. An active member of both SFWA and HWA, she lives and writes in Westminster, CO.

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