The Keel

by Su Lynn Cheah

You, darling; you still hover
close together, as if

The split of names
to dissect the parts from the whole
never really mattered.

To our eyes you are divorced into chunks.
Yet you sail on, assuming your duties
to science with grandiose ease.

Mythology lingers. I saw you approach
your brothers one evening: decks and sails
all fell into place and somehow stayed
together ever after;

My eyes are on Canopus. It burns in
ceaseless duty, lighting the way for
those who would watch.

Copyright 2003, Su Lynn Cheah
Argo Navis

Argo Navis
by Johannes Hevelius

Su Lynn Cheah is a Malaysian-born Chinese. She attends high school in Auckland, New Zealand. When not worrying about exams, she likes roaming the Internet for speculative fiction.

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