A Constellation devoutly to be wished

by Nadine LaHatte

The theatre cat
full of champagne and bonhomie
resigned from the stage
to practice astronomy,
(his parts had grown leaner,
as befalls an old actor),
his lust still for stardom
the contributing factor.

Alas, studies revealed
a sad cause for blame --
there were stars named for centaurs
and for lions the same.
There was even a dog star
but for cats, what a shame!
Not even a planet
to remember their name.

To the Astronomer Royal
he sent a request,
"Can I have a star name?"
The answer impressed.

"You cannot be Sirius.
A constellation is better.
I am sure as Carina
you can be a trendsetter.
Indeed yes, you Canopus,"
was the gist of his letter.

Copyright © 2003, Nadine LaHatte
Canopus, in Carina

Canopus, in Carina
© 2003 Christopher J. Picking

Nadine LaHatte lives in New Zealand. She loves poetry, puns, astronomy, cats, reading and cooking. She has published two books of poetry, New Myths for Old Landscapes and Celebrating Stones and various other poems elsewhere.

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