by Linda Bremford

Smallest constellation,
Symbol of a nation.
Shining in the Southern skies,
Chosen for the flag that flies
above New Zealand.
Every Kiwi child can show
The Southern Cross, the Crux we know.
Clear and bright in starry night,
Below the Milky Way.
Crux points towards the Southern Pole,
Contains the Coalsack’s starless hole,
The Milky Way’s great nebula,
Black by Crux’s five bright stars.
To view Crux, find the Centaur’s pair
Of brightest stars, and westward veer
On Milky Way, towards the lustre
Of Crux’s brilliant, shining cluster.

Copyright © 2003, Linda Bremford
Crux, the Southern Cross

Crux, the Southern Cross
© 2003 Christopher J. Picking

Linda Bremford is a New-Zealand-born woman, just starting on her third phase of life and enjoying it very much. In her first two phases, raising her family and developing her career in the Communications industry, she didn't always take time to look at the stars. In her third phase, she plans to write poetry and fiction, keep bees, help develop her organic orchard and make lots of time for fun, friends, and stargazing.

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