Leo the Nemean Lion

by Bric Barnes

Pursued by mighty Hercules,
Leo the Nemean lion,
lets loose his roar.
In answer, Hercules
lets fly an arrow,
straight for the heart.
Finding its mark
but unable to penetrate,
it bounces off
and falls harmlessly.

The lion, known for eating
sushi and sashimi,
smiles at his opponent
and thinks of dinner.
He is particularly fond
of gnawing on bones
for an appetizer.
He turns and winks
at the little king, Regulus.

Suddenly he is lifted
and slammed to the canvas.
Then comes
a bionic elbow drop,
a sideways suplex,
and a pile driver,
before the lion finds himself
caught in a modified half-nelson.

Scant seconds later,
Hercules applies
his patented chokehold,
a fist inside the throat.
It is over quickly
and a new champion is crowned.
In punishment, Leo
is forced to retire
high in the sky,
and his tail is chopped off,
made into a braid for Berenice.

Copyright © 2003, Bric Barnes
Leo, the Lion

Leo, the Lion
by Johannes Hevelius

Bric Barnes, alter ego and resident artist to the body of Rich Pearl, is an extemporaneous sort of writer. Words just sort of materialize. And then a journey begins. It all starts small, but from the simple seeds of just a few words, sentences and paragraphs have been known to follow. Haibuns, haiku, short stories, free verse, they are all an offshoot of a collection of fingers that like to do their stuff. And some of it has even made it in to print.

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Image courtesy of Istituto di Fisica Generale Applicata, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano