Leo the Minor

by Bric Barnes

Leo the lesser
has big feet,
lives near the bear,
tries not to stare;
waits by the door
and watches
out the window,
wishes he was older.

Leo the smaller
is young,
named after another,
thought to be
dim of light,
and dark as night,
but that's not right.
You should see him.

Leo the littler
wears a tiny mane,
sits on a sickle,
dines on a pickle,
and while the lynx
builds his sphinx,
Leo rides
on the back of the lion.

Leo the hidden,
making like a star,
hanging in the sky,
shining and smiling,
having fun,
showing the way
if you'll let him.
Leo's a minor no more

Copyright © 2003, Bric Barnes
Leo Minor

Leo Minor
by Johannes Hevelius

Bric Barnes, alter ego and resident artist to the body of Rich Pearl, is an extemporaneous sort of writer. Words just sort of materialize. And then a journey begins. It all starts small, but from the simple seeds of just a few words, sentences and paragraphs have been known to follow. Haibuns, haiku, short stories, free verse, they are all an offshoot of a collection of fingers that like to do their stuff. And some of it has even made it in to print.

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