by Bric Barnes

Taking the shortcut through Dorado. Think you're smart, don't you?

Coming out of the Large Magellanic Cloud. Climbing the Table
Mountain and getting hit by a nebula shower. Then a power surge.

No stars, no lights, everything is blacked out.

Did you bring a flashlight?

journeying amongst the stars
seeking the answers
don't know much, do you?

Copyright © 2003, Bric Barnes
Mons Mensae, the Table Mountain

Mons Mensae, the Table Mountain
by Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille

Bric Barnes, alter ego and resident artist to the body of Rich Pearl, is an extemporaneous sort of writer. Words just sort of materialize. And then a journey begins. It all starts small, but from the simple seeds of just a few words, sentences and paragraphs have been known to follow. Haibuns, haiku, short stories, free verse, they are all an offshoot of a collection of fingers that like to do their stuff. And some of it has even made it in to print.

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Image courtesy of Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology