Ponderings under the Scope

by Peter J. Welmerink

Peering into ebon void
Silver stars
Lights of gold
Magnified by mystery
Microcosm view
Of infinite colossus

Your lens I stand below
A miniscule atom
Is this the only human end

Do you have secrets
Unfathomable to gazing eye
Is intelligence within your framework
Holding beings
Curious like me

Small and far in black
I am amebic
In the cosmos shouting
My lack of understanding

Persistent in your presence
Shape of deep seeing lens
Scope of all defined
My thoughts are of potential
Do not disguise my hope

Direct me through the void
I am lonely here
Yet I can only guess
There is another home

Copyright © 2003, Peter J. Welmerink
Microscopium, the Microscope

by Johann Bode

Peter J. Welmerink lives in the sometimes green, sometimes white state of Michigan, USA. His work has appeared in print and electronic form, most recently in Swords Edge E-Zine and Amazing Journeys Magazine. He writes fantasy and science fiction short stories and dabbles in poetry when the mood strikes him. He thanks his wife and kids for being patient with him while he tries to establish himself in the writing field. To learn more about him, please visit his web site.

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Image courtesy of Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology