Acrostic: Monoceros

by André Surridge

    One-horned beast
    Nebulous unicorn
    Only a maiden can
    Catch you -- astride the Celestial
    Rare creature
    Once lost now found again
    Shy amongst the stars.

    Copyright © 2003, André Surridge
Monceros, the Unicorn

Monoceros, the Unicorn
by Johannes Hevelius

Poet and playwright André Surridge was born in Hull, England in 1951, and emigrated to New Zealand in 1972. He has published two collections of poetry, Estimations Destinations and Wings for You, and was the founding editor of Waikato Business News. He has had twenty stage plays performed since 1974 including the road safety play Smashed which toured NZ high schools in 1997-98 with over 250 performances. Past President of the Playwrights Association of NZ (1998-99) he has won several awards, including Shell Playwrights Award (NZ) 1984; Lantern Theatre Trust Award (UK) 1987; Doug Wrenn Memorial Award (NZ) 1994; and the Minolta Playwriting Award (NZ) 1995.

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Image courtesy of Istituto di Fisica Generale Applicata, Università degli Studi di Milano