I am Orion

by Danny Rosen

I am Orion.
    I have known you longer
    than you've known me.
         I saw your desert fires burning
         in the hills east of Galilee,
         when you turned your eyes skyward
         and finally found Me.
I am Orion.
    I once lived upon your land.
    I swam across the oceans,
    in the fields I was a hunter so grand.
    So many adventures I had at that time,
         I danced with Diana
         till I was wounded and blind.
         I wandered east into the rising sun's glare.
         I screamed to old Helios,
         I screamed a dare.
         Into his rising I gazed with a stare.
              I challenged the Gods
              for I knew that I could.
              But in my triumph on the Scorpion I stood.
              So I was banished above to the sky.
              For living too fully?
              I still wonder why.
I am Orion.
    The bully, the brawny, the bragging one.
    My right shoulder laughs at
    your little yellow sun.
    I've got a knife. I've got a club.
    I've got a shield that drips the lion's blood.
         I'm heading west now
         with my own charioteer,
         I have my two dogs
         and I'm traveling with no fear.
         No raging bull's gonna stop me,
         I've got a thousand fires in my heart
         and I'm down on my knees.
         If it's the last thing I do
         I will catch those Pleiades.
I am Orion.
    I rise in the east
         when the cold winds blow.
    At the end of your feast
         see my belt stars aglow.
    I am a constellation
         traveling the sky so true.
         Look, I'm home to red stars and blue,
         and the wondrous nebula M-42.
         I hide the Horse's Head
         and wouldn't you like to see,
         all the Mysteries inside of Me.
    I wish, I wish
         you could see the view from here.
         My telescope has a focal length
         of one entire light year.
         I can see everything so very clear:
              I saw your Ancient Ones
              Arrive and Disappear,
              scattered like dust across
              your shiny blue sphere.
                  I see you still
                  with your Pomp and Circumstance,

                  as I behold your journey
                  through Life's Great Dance.
I am Orion.
    I have known you longer
    Than you've known me.

Copyright © 2003, Danny Rosen

by Johann Bayer

Danny Rosen lives in western Colorado with Karen, when she is not exploring the barrios of Guadalajara, and Jack who is always ready to explore the canyons north of town. A former carpenter and geologist Danny now works in the portable Western Sky Planetarium that he takes into schools throughout the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau. He provides openly subversive astronomy programs that often center on how earthlings fit into the grand scheme of the universe and how thinking about this is leading to a new mythology.

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