by Linda Bremford

Pavo the Peacock with shining eye,
Bright cluster in the southern sky,
Named for Hera’s brilliant bird,
Adorned with eyes from Argus’ head.

Argus spied on Zeus for Hera.
His hundred eyes saw Zeus much clearer
Than any should. Zeus had him banned
And Argus died at Hermes’ hand.

The Greeks and Romans could not see,
These southern stars that shine for me.
Dutch explorers chose these names
In memory of those mythic games.

Five hundred years have passed since then.
Alpha Pavonis, brightest of the ten,
Named for the watchful peacock’s eye,
Still seeks its companion star, circling by.

Copyright © 2003, Linda Bremford
Pavo, the Peacock

Pavo, the Peacock
by Corbinianus Thomas

Linda Bremford is a New-Zealand-born woman, just starting on her third phase of life and enjoying it very much. In her first two phases, raising her family and developing her career in the Communications industry, she didn't always take time to look at the stars. In her third phase, she plans to write poetry and fiction, keep bees, help develop her organic orchard and make lots of time for fun, friends, and stargazing.

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