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Milk and Honey

by G. O. Clark

The Big Dipper
was poised directly
over my mobile home
last night, and spying
it there I wished for a
little milk and honey to
spill from its cup down
upon my tiny acre,
to bring me good luck,
good health, and even
minor fortune.

Later the same night,
I dreamed a big old brown
bear was rifling through
my refrigerator, singing in
a deep, throaty voice,
"milk and honey,
milk and honey,
somebody stole
my milk and honey,
when I find out who,
going to knock them
black and blue,
because I just can't shine
without my milk and honey."

Copyright © 2003, G. O. Clark
Ursa Major, the Greater Bear

Ursa Major, the Greater Bear
by Johannes Hevelius

G. O. Clark lives in Davis, CA and works in a university library. His poems have seen print in Asimov's Science Fiction, Talebones, Space & Time, and many other magazines and anthologies. His book of poems, A Box Full Of Alien Skies was published by Dark Regions Press in 2001, and he has a second book titled The Other Side Of The Lens due out from the same publisher later this year.

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