Arthur's Wain

by Scott E. Green

Arthur's wain carries
Britain's sovereignty across
the skies of the sceptered isle.
Burden lies among those
who call for an Ard Ri of

Britannia's Celtic tribes
and those who want the purple
of Imperator.
The stars are his only true

companions that he can trust.
Pride corrupts his knights.
Even faith leads his soldiers

from their oath to him
to the land of white apples.

His wain moves across the skies.

Copyright © 2003, Scott E. Green
Ursa Major

Ursa Major
by Philippe La Hire

Scott E. Green has been active as a sf/f/h poet for over twenty years. His work has appeared in both newsstand and small press publications. His reference work, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Poetry; a Resource Guide and Biographical Directory ( Westport, CT: 1989, Greenwood) is the first and only reference work on genre poetry. Currently he is the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

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