Milky Way over Highway 14, Los Cerrillos NM: photograph by Damon Taylorbroken-down stars
line the highway
like celestial litter
intergalactic soda cans
infinite gum wrappers
little glass bottle miniverses
etched in a million languages

worlds appear without warning
passing like curious clouds
neutrinos hit the windshield
and splatter!
you floor it and warp ahead
in the indestructible
ship: curiosity

broken-down stars
hold galaxies together
spiral clusters dance
life in the fastlane
the singularity highway

next exit ... forever

Copyright 2005, Scott Virtes

Image Credit: Damon Taylor, some rights reserved

Scott Virtes is a quantum wave last detected in the San Diego area. He has had over 300 stories and poems published in small presses since 1986, even a story in Analog (Jan 97). He had an entertaining death scene in Master and Commander in 2003, and now he's writing/directing his own quirky short films. He has been an astronomy buff since he was a kid, and just missed discovering lots of SOHO comets. Check out for the latest news.