Full moon, photo by Jeremy StumpEllie, don’t feel shuttered when
the sheets stay pinned through
spring across four corners of your
window. When your father sits
in boxers while your mother works,
and you are left again to watch your
kindergarten brother, don't feel trapped.

At two AM, the moon will seek you
left to right. At three, an early dove
will call, specifically, your name.
South-faced Ellie, secret-tree-fort girl,
Ellie-on-the-other-side. None of life
will change because you are in a poem.

When your mother comes home tired,
and your father says he's worn out too
from keeping you inside, what does
it matter that Orion's jewels belt
half the world together? Unpin
the bottom corner of the sheet.

Can you see from here you are
a small piece of the universe?
Your brother, hushed, kicks once
against the night. South-faced Ellie,
long sun girl, I name you much loved.

Copyright © 2009, Emily K. Bright

Image Credit: Jeremy Stump, some rights reserved

Emily K. Bright’s chapbook Glances Back was published by Pudding House Press, 2007.  Her poetry has also appeared in the North American Review, Pedestal Magazine, Crab Orchard Review, Come Together: Imagine Peace (Bottom Dog Press), and Beloved on Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude (Holy Cow Press), among others.  She received her MFA in poetry from the University of Minnesota.  Currently, she teaches English at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Find her online at http://emilykbright.blogspot.com.